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Some frictionless sharing from the Hobbit Premiere in Berlin

This shows how a social media operating system at events can create frictionless sharing of professional grade photos for guest and at the same time very effective native advertising for the clients (in this case Facebook and Warner Brothers)

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The God Particle, Flying Upside Down and Facebook Ad Strategy

I’ve been a pilot for a number of years and recently started training for an aerobatics competition. It’s one of my life goals and it gives me a whole new perspective on things and the importance of real time information. I was upside down last weekend looking at the ground 3,000 feet “above” me through the plane’s clear ceiling, and thought about how much perspective (and gravity) can change everything. My instructor said I needed one key element to be successful. It dawned on me that was the same element for success in social media marketing.Image

If you remember last year there were two monumental announcements: one was that physics found the “God particle” and would explain the entire universe and second was that the Facebook IPO would be the biggest in history.  Both were wrong. Guess who had the biggest IPO*?

The hysteria around both the Higgs Boson “God” particle and the first social media company to go public created a classic hype cycle that has taken over a year to sort out. There was no solid data to back up either massive claim.  In the mean time, LinkedIn and Yelp have quietly obliterated the stock market by increasing in value 400% since their IPO and out performing expectations. Largely because they have specific value and data to back it up; in Yelp’s case to local businesses who have seen footfall double when they run Yelp Ads.

Many advertisers still look at the Facebook advertising  through an overhyped lens – not giving serious analysis to the data available around advertising in socia media. Too many brands are buying Facebook ads without serious consideration for what makes Facebook a successful marketing medium. Word of mouth advertising is much more than paying for an ad to interrupt someone’s browsing experience.

The biggest brands  know they need to invest money to make social media work – what they all may not realize is that user-generated content that creates a social media product placement can be 5-8x more effective than regular Facebook ads in creating buying influence.

Here is what Lucas Herscovici Anheuser-Busch InBev‘s VP for digital marketing in North America said about social media  spending in a recent interview with Ad Age:

Mr. Herscovici: “In today’s world with Facebook you need [paid] media in order to reach consumers at scale. We have 17 million fans across our brands, but we know when we post something in our pages we are not reaching all of our fans, we are only reaching a certain percentage of our fans because Facebook has algorithms that control that. So if you really want to reach a bigger audience, you need to put money behind it.”

The algorithm he is talking about is called EdgeRank and it means only about 15% of those 17 million fans will see any one post.

With user generated content and good creative we have regularly documented OpenGraph actions appearing on 40-50% of a users social graph, and then being shared virally to friends of friends even more. At the 2012 Olympics Cadbury used a social media operating system to obtain over 600 earned impressions per photo posted. No wonder the project was nominated for 14 awards and won eight of them!

So by now you have probably figured out that what I need to be successful in aerobatics is data and real time information. Things like airspeed, altitude, pitch and bank angle, weight and balance, cross wind component, etc all effect how well and how safely aerobatics are performed. The right data can be the difference between life and death in an airplane. The right data can mean the difference between life and death of your career in social media. Use information and data as much as you can to make buying decisions and you’ll always be flying the friendly skies even if you seem a bit upside down at times.

Make your marketing as well hyped as the God Particle and put some sound logic behind those dollars you spend by creating user generated content with a social media operating system for events.

*The largest IPO of all time was AT&T in 2000Image


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Why Apple Radio will crush Pandora in the next 12 months.

Apple radio is cool. It is as good as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora or any other music service out there. But that is not why it will be the dominant music service within 12 month. Over the next year it will crush Spotify and Pandora. Apple radio will have 300 million people using Apple radio within 12 months. 

Pandora (NYSE:P) has about 200 million users right now. Just this month they were bragging about a better integration into iPad. Why did they spend millions integrating into iPad and trying to make it smoother? People want a frictionless experience. Apple Radio is the slickest.  It is the WD40 of online radio and being the king of frictionless is the key to adoption.Apple radio social media

With iOS 7 you can ask Siri to launch Apple radio and your phone will play all the music you are in the mood for from your Genius or by  selected channel. It all happens in the background and all you have to do is ask Siri to do it.  It’s the one thing she actually doesn’t completely screw up. 

The important lesson to take from this, especially for people designing experiential marketing for events, is that if you make an experience frictionless and take away barriers to usage then adoption rates will soar. Frictionless social media – autoamted photo posting – has proven this axiom. I believe that adding a frictionless user experience into any aspect of life is they key to adoption even if the features are not the best in the industry. Apple radio will prove me right. 

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Yelp! costs concierges their jobs

I’m at the Denver Hyatt for the night on business. I picked the hotel thanks to Yelp! – I wanted a nice place with a real gym. I got it to a T. I wanted a good steak last night for dinner again I turned to Yelp! I ended up at Elway’s with a succulent buffalo ribeye washed down with a classy pinot noir. Two great recommendations thanks to Yelp

This morning after my great workout I sauntered down to the front desk, sweaty and hungry.  I was looking for the best palace to  grab breakfast. Of course they suggested the hotel restaurant and when I pushed they mentioned a diner they couldn’t give me directions to. I’m back up in my room looking on Yelp!  Without a doubt the company has become my personal concierge service. Yelp using dwinQ technology facebook & RFID

Yelp! will cost hotel concierges everywhere their job in the next 12 months. In fact, if I owned a hotel I would work out a partnership deal to put Yelp! kiosks where the concierge stands used to be. Add a social media operating system and you could automate some cool pictures, and great user-generated content, too.

Yelp! is one example of how social media is radically changing the way we live. Smart marketers have to recognize this revolution or perish.

We live in a Yelp!, Instagram, Vine, Facebook and (the good old standby) Twitter world. If brands aren’t figuring out frictionless and meaningful ways to engage social media and make guest experiences better int he real world,  they will be in the unemployment line talking to the guy in the funny hat and pants with the stripe down the side talking about the “good old days” when everyone needed a concierge. 

By the way feel free to follow me on Yelp! and connect with me there, too:

I also own Yelp stock.

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Think you know more about social than a 4 month old puppy? (Please share!)

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Who won the social media checkered flag at Geneva Auto Show?

The 2013 Geneva Auto Show is going on now. Most of the big brands are doing some form of social media activation to try and reach a broader audience and support the initiatives at the show. Some of them have been innovative and highly effective – others…well not so much. Take a look at my video to find out the winners and losers.

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