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#EventTech deck on Doubling Social Media Reach from Events

This is the first of two talks I gave in Las Vegas last week to a sold out crowd at EventTech – EventMarketer magazine’s big fall conference on technology for event marketing.

I gave the talk to a standing-room-only crowd which was great fun and it was voted one of the best talks of the show! I was really excited by the engagement and feed back so I thought I would add some more text to the slides and post up here for blog followers. I’d love your feedback and thoughts – is anything missing, anything need to be added, etc?

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Own the inner circle and you will control social media marketing

Staying in control of social media marketing is simple, but it is not easy. Every type of social media marketing is new. People have only been using social media as a marketing tool for the last 18-24 months. I often say “Nobody gets fired for buying Google Adwords” but social media is another kettle of fish. It’s scary, uncharted waters. The flip side is that there is no better way to become your company’s fastest rising star, than social media marketing.

Social media is all about the inner circle. Seth Godin, one of the most prolific digital marketing experts refers to four circles – the outer circle of traditional marketing “yelling about your product” whether people are listening or not. The first inner circle which is creating brand advocates who love your product and the most overlooked inner-most circle of actually changing how people think of your product. And the kernel, as I call it, is the product itself. If you use your customers (and word of mouth marketing or social media marketing) to tell the story for you, you will have the most powerful marketing success of all. Learn to leverage the inner circles and you will be in control of your own destiny, budget and future.

The best way to control the inner circles is to capture people at the height of engagement and enjoyment – this is usually a time when most people are having too much fun to talk about “a product”. This is why an automated social media program can be so powerful.

Think about the last time you bought a new car. You drove off the lot feeling like a million bucks, you drove by your favorite places in hopes of being seen, you sped down a windy road to see what she could do, you may have even drove to your parents or best friend’s to show off. Imagine if a person’s entire social graph could share that moment. That’s not selling or marketing – that’s sharing an emotion.

Capturing a photo and some unique text at that precise moment is worth thousands of pages in a glossy magazine because one trusted person is happily engaged with your product. Amplify that emotion with your brand across Facebook and you are telling a story of your product changing someone’s life; if only for a moment.

I took my kids to Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire last weekend and my youngest son rode his first roller-coaster. He was thrilled, we all had fun. It would have been a perfect time to amplify that moment – but that brief moment was lost forever because they did offer a way to grab that memory and share it. Fun, social memories are what we try to capture every day at dwinQ.

If you can grab that emotion, associate your brand with it and tell a story –you are on your way to becoming a marketing legend and you will stay in control of your future and your marketing program for a long time. Do what everyone else does, buy Google ad words and put up a fancy booth at a trade show and you won’t get fired. You won’t get noticed either.

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Master Facebook Value-Based Marketing by leveraging engagement and mobile

Facebook’s Conundrum:  Engagement vs. Volume

There’s a challenging dichotomy within social media–specifically Facebook marketing – peak usage versus peak engagement.

When is Facebook most heavily used?  Wednesday at 15.00h EDT. This makes a ton of sense when you realize that people have the most fun over the weekend, and maybe take some pictures but are having too much fun to waste time uploading pictures (with a slow connection), put a caption on the photo and make comments. Posting in real time  has an inverse relationship with the level of excitement at events. So what happens? Think about your most fun event over a weekend. You get to work Monday morning with a bunch of stuff to clear off your plate, and work takes precedence. Monday and Tuesday are full of work. Wednesday rolls around and you get a little time on your hands. So you log onto Facebook upload those photos, tags your friends and other people and create entertaining captions. Some of the photos are engagement worthy, and some are posted for your own benefit. But you can spend hours at work on Facebook.

Facebook Peak Usage

HIghest usage – very different from highest engagement.

It makes perfect sense that the largest usage by volume is Wednesday midday.

Facebook Off-hours – those weekend social media activities

Vitrue found that mobile users are much more active on Friday and Saturday nights, when really cool content comes up on their mobile Facebook platform. They’re more likely to dash out a quick comment or give a fast

Facebook mobile usage


Mobile usage – comments and Likes. This is very different from peak usage

Like. People are dying to know what their friends are doing in real time.

What does usage and comment timing have to do with Facebook Engagement? Engagement happens in real time – Facebook usage happens continuously in user’s time. dwinQ has found the combination of very high value content, like a tagged photo, taken in real time at an event, and then immediately posted on the users newsfeed or timeline has a huge impact in the level of Facebook engagement. I mentioned in the blog I wrote for CNBC on Facebook marketing, the ability to create newsfeed product placement (NPP) at the height of enjoyment and interaction provides nearly 300% increase in engagement over posts updated later in the week from users by themselves. In addition photos that are posted by users lose the ability to create a brand awareness or product placement.

Facebook Mobile Useage - Engagement

The real engagement happens quickly and on mobile devices in real time

The bottom line is that if you want to create maximum value from your Facebook advertising, you need to frictionlessly capture and update (post) key moments in real-time. Think of this as NPP, newsfeed product placement. If you already have exciting and engaging events a platform like dwinQ is just what you need!

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The title is my dream Mashable Social Media Headline this summer. I’m a huge baseball fan.

More likely:

dwinQ CEO falls asleep at ballgame and finds himself transported into a BBC documentary on social media.

Despite travelling about 150,000 miles a year, I have season tickets to the Red Sox. Red Sox fans know that the nation’s oldest ballpark, Fenway Park, just celebrated its 100th anniversary last Friday. It was an awesome day, but very frustrating at the same time because fans couldn’t share their experiences on Facebook in real-time. The mobile phone trick to upload photos to Facebook was slow and painful. I couldn’t even check-in for the first three innings because mobile phone coverage was so bad with all those people in one place.

Imagine an ambient social media expereince (provided by dwinQ, of course) that would update your Facebook page frictionlessly in real time. Automated photo booths and roving photographers could post very cool pictures for you in real time. And brands could sponsor the shots!

Here’s what it would look like if the BBC did an expose on social media marketing at a major league baseball stadium (let’s hope MLB makes this happen for fans everywhere!):

If you run any kind of a league or venue you could create an amazing consumer expereince and significant revenue stream by adopting a social media expereince.

cta1_221x221px_dwinq_b2 //

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Driving Social Media Growth – the secret is in your events

For the past eighteen months companies have been setting up Facebook pages, collecting fans and spending money on consultants. Why? Because their competition is – not necessarily because they had a goal in mind. Smart brands are wising up and are setting the goal where it should be – on revenue. Today I’ll give you some insight into best practices for companies making the most of social media to drive revenue.

Focus on Engagement not Building Facebook Fans

Look at two very different Facebook pages – check out GoPro and then look at Red Bull. Both brands target the exact same demographic, with very similar lifestyle. Red Bull has significantly higher Fans on Facebook than GoPro – in fact Red Bull’s 28 million fans is more than thirteen times more than GoPro’s 2.1 million. But as Bill James figured out in Baseball (see: Moneyball the movie or book) batting average doesn’t really matter – it’s how often you get on base that wins game. Similarly Facebook Fans don’t matter, it’s how often they engage with your brand that drives revenue.

The Brand Audience Rate of Engagement (BARE) is the best way to measure social media success and likelihood of driving revenue from your social media efforts. BARE measures how many people Like, Comment, or Share your content on Facebook. In other words how engaged people are with our brand in an on-going way. Red Bull’s BARE is less than 1% (.92% to be exact). Compare that to GoPro with over 6.7% BARE Score.

GoPro interacts with fans 600% better than Red Bull.

Social Media Driving Revenue

The higher the BARE, the more people are interacting with your brand. This means you can drive a more active and consistent message. You can glean feedback, increase brand equity and most importantly create a call to action that people will heed – such as a sales offer.

One aspect of Facebook that is a mystery to many people is the EdgeRank algorithm. This is the highly secretive formula that determines what makes it to a person’s newsfeed or timeline. The one-shot offers to convince people to be a Fan of a corporate page are just the start to social media marketing. Once you have them you have to engage them consistently, with high quality content and do it in a timely manner. There is one way to do this that is better than anything else – and it ensures your brand will get high engagement in front of your targeted audience.

Events are the key to Facebook success.

If you run marekting for a Fortune 500 company chances are your brand is already spending millions on real world events. Do you sponsor sporting events? Co-host concerts? Have naming right at an arena? Your goal is probably to get impressions and brand recognition thourgh those people at the event or with those covering the event in the press. With the new digital word-of-mouth that is social media you can now reach on average 200 other people for every person at your event who is on Facebook. You just have to make it frictionless and make sure your brand is associated with it.Unobtainable photos from dwinQ posted to Facebook

Combine RFID as a single sign on to social media so your attendees don’t have to use a phone and create photos that are not obtainable anywhere else. Mount cameras on the bow of your ships, at the top of your Jumbotrons, on the Green Monsta! You get the idea – then use dwinQ’s social media software to automatically update the images, tag them and then post to Facebook in real time– with your logo superimposed on the photo. It will increase your event ROI by 10-50 times what you were getting before. Read more about it by downloading our free whitepaper on social media at events.

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Ambient Social Networking needs smart devices – at locations not in phones

Ambient Social Networking with dwinQ and RFID EpicMix

This is Vail's ambient social networking application called EpicMix - a massive success.

What I’ve witnessed this past winter at Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone and four other resorts owned by Vail Resorts (NYSE: MTN) is an extraordinary testament to my theory that for social networking to be ubiquitous it has to be frictionless. Vail has cracked this code with the EpicMix system using RFID embedded in every ski pass (YouTube). It’s effortless to track your location, vertical feet skieed, virtual pins earned and more. 

At South by Southwest this year, people were referring to solutions by dwinQ and Sonar that brought social media  into the real world frictionlessly – but there was a big difference in theses two ambient social networking examples.

With the Sonar app – it requires the user to have the intelligence, interface with the app, use the data carrying capability and have an expensive smart phone. The dwinQ app required a fifty cent RFID tag. The intelligence was at the location – looking for tags. The result of both is passive, although the dwinQ app is ambient social networking’s killer app because it captures the moment in photos and can tag all the people in the photo automatically without friction. 

If people want ambient social networking, or social media experiences in the real world the quickest way to adoption is put the burden on the location not  the user. Today, RFID is the easiest path there. 

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