Facebook and TV – is it a real marketing mix?

The second screen phenomenon is growing at an incredible pace thanks to the proliferation of Facebook’s mobile platform. More and more Facebook users are watching their favorite television programs along with their social network. This is either a great opportunity for brands, or a nightmare they don’t understand.

Some of the key take always are:

  • Real-time engagement: 60% of TV-related Facebook interactions occur during a show’s airing.
  • Mobile viewing: 80% of TV-related chatter on Facebook is generated from mobile devices.
  • Wide reach: The scale of TV-related chatter on Facebook corresponds to the overall number of people on Facebook.
  • 25% of viewers are posting on Facebook


To maximize TV advertising you need to have a social media strategy. Specifically you should figure out how to catalyze conversation on Facebook from the TV presence. The notion of creating native advertising in the news feed and getting your brand in the newsfeed is critical to influence buying behavior. I predicted in my 2014 predictions that the leading shows will start to sell key plot details to the highest bidder so they can have social media tee’d up and ready to publish to ignite a conversation. Are you ready for that reality?


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