Yelp! costs concierges their jobs

I’m at the Denver Hyatt for the night on business. I picked the hotel thanks to Yelp! – I wanted a nice place with a real gym. I got it to a T. I wanted a good steak last night for dinner again I turned to Yelp! I ended up at Elway’s with a succulent buffalo ribeye washed down with a classy pinot noir. Two great recommendations thanks to Yelp

This morning after my great workout I sauntered down to the front desk, sweaty and hungry.  I was looking for the best palace to  grab breakfast. Of course they suggested the hotel restaurant and when I pushed they mentioned a diner they couldn’t give me directions to. I’m back up in my room looking on Yelp!  Without a doubt the company has become my personal concierge service. Yelp using dwinQ technology facebook & RFID

Yelp! will cost hotel concierges everywhere their job in the next 12 months. In fact, if I owned a hotel I would work out a partnership deal to put Yelp! kiosks where the concierge stands used to be. Add a social media operating system and you could automate some cool pictures, and great user-generated content, too.

Yelp! is one example of how social media is radically changing the way we live. Smart marketers have to recognize this revolution or perish.

We live in a Yelp!, Instagram, Vine, Facebook and (the good old standby) Twitter world. If brands aren’t figuring out frictionless and meaningful ways to engage social media and make guest experiences better int he real world,  they will be in the unemployment line talking to the guy in the funny hat and pants with the stripe down the side talking about the “good old days” when everyone needed a concierge. 

By the way feel free to follow me on Yelp! and connect with me there, too:

I also own Yelp stock.

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