Facebook Dark Posts update – Video ads eligible for News Feed. Is it a B2B win?

Up until this week only photo ads were eligible for what Facebook calls Unpublished post ads and the industry generally calls “dark posts”. The release this week of video capability expands the utility of dark posts and potentially is a big win for business to business marketing on Facebook – but many people might miss that subtlety. 

My supposition that video dark posts will see significantly higher usage on laptop and desktop focused ads. Research data has shown that because of both screen and bandwidth constraints photos are still a much bigger engagement platform on mobile. Mobile usage peaks on Facebook are much different than desktop  usage. Desktop usage still peaks mid-day on Wednesday where as mobile is moving toward Sunday afternoon.

Big tip: The usage data would suggest that video post ads targeted to a rich, high-bandwidth experience would be optimal for B2B and best served the beginning and middle of the week. Obviously using some A/B comparison ads and Facebook data is a quick way to determine if my advice is correct for your business but this is one giant leap in that direction.

The best video ads you can produce would be based on user generated content. It’s easiest to catch user generated video at your own events or sponsored locations like stadiums, events and locations. Check out how Major League Baseball should do social for more ideas. 

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