New! Facebook allows Atlas tags for targeted adverts – what’s it mean for you?

I just wrote a blog for dwinQ about targeted advertising using Facebook and the success of such programs. Now there is even better news from Facebook you use Atlas post-impression measurement tags (often called view tags) on ads targeted to custom audiences, partner categories and lookalike audiences.

So what does this mean for Facebook advertisers and those trying to amplify their brand on Facebook?  Better analytics and measurement of ad spend. Now Facebook can offer view-through measurement on custom audience targeted ads. More and better information for spending your precious dollars.

A quick look on the old Atlas Blog gives all the benefits of using the view tags with Facebook targeted advertising. In a  nutshell you can compare Facebook advertising directly with display advertising online and see how that influences search. So if Facebook is more effective than your Google Adwords or Yahoo advertising you can move (and justify moving) more spend to Facebook for better results.

Remember, my big rule of thumb for success on Facebook – work with a PMD vendor, use as much User Generated Content as possible, and try to amplify live events with product placement on Facebook using technology like RFID and QR codes. That’s the foundation of the new marketing mix. Using Atlas tags can help go beyond your gut and show you how effective things really are. Good luck!


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