IBM, Apple and Google brands worth $400 BILLION – what’s yours worth?

In a Dr. Evil-like post last week Venture Beat reported that IBM, Apple and Google have the worlds most valuable brands – worth an estimated $400 billion dollars.

That’s good news for me since I own both Apple and google stock – but is it good news for you and your brand? Yes, if you take just a minute to see how they built those brands up. IBM has been around for ever so let’s take them out of the equation. Apple and Google can sum up their brand value in a single word: Focus

If you want your brand to be valuable and increase the success of your overall company stay focused. This is even more true on social media than it is in the real world. Apple focused on one thing user-friendly innovation. Google focused on one thing: accurate search. Those single, well defined attributes catapulted the respective companies to the top of the list.

The other thing they both did was brand individual products separately. Gmail, Glass, Analytics and iPhone, iPod, iPad are all differnet than company names. Look at a company that is not in the top three but should be (HP). One of the reasons their brand is discounted compared to the company value is the lack of clarification and tightly messaged purpose. They also have terrible product names that muddy the branding water. 

Build value in your brand – find your one well-defined message and speak that in all your communication via social media. If you enable great user generated content make sure you add your messaging there as well, and make it easy (frictionless) so that you have a bran
d champion speaking your one brand message. 



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