Social Stud Stuns Stratosphere

“Social Design” is one of Facebook’s core concepts for creating an application with social experience at the center. dwinQ’s CTOKrishna  (he’s kind of a rock start like Bono so he only has one name) is brilliant and quite well respected in the technology community. He is definitely a stud. He and the engineering rock stars at dwinQ have built a mobile app that is grounded on Social Design, and while we haven’t formally launched it yet, they have done such a great job I thought I’d share the news with a few folks like you! Social Design is all about leveraging the Facebook platform to understand users and help users understand each other based on three core elements:

  • Identity
  • Conversation
  • Community

This week dwinQ released our alpha version of a mobile app that will change the way people interact with social media in the real world.

The mobile social app is built around the community–which refers to all the people we know and trust and those who help us make decisions and form opinions. It is built around conversation-  that means those day-to-day interactions we have with our community. And it is built around identity–our own sense of self and how we are seen by the various members of our community. This is the first mobile application built based on Facebook’s social design specifically for Facebook at events and in the real world.

In the next few weeks people will get a taste of this fantastic new app. There are handful of live events where beta testers will get to use “hands-free social media”, to connect with their community, create a real-time conversation, and continue to build their identity. After all you are what you do.

dwinQ’s social mobile app will capture events and activities in a hands-free way like never before. Krishna our CTO has done an amazing job of creating this with the notion of social design for Facebook.

Advertisers will be able to leverage this platform to create content for Facebook advertising campaigns. The dwinQ platform adds an incredible depth and richness to a user’s Facebook profile, because you can see what they’re actually doing in the real world. One of our account reps can answer questions more directly about this.

Expanding on the details of a guest’s identity by sharing their real world activities will allow advertisers to personalize the user experience and build a conversation that’s highly credible, and specifically relevant to a individual.

Facebook suggests that advertisers help curate an identity. With dwinQ’s mobile app we are curating compelling content. We are curating current conversations. And most importantly we are curating a connection between community and a brand at live events.

President Obama's Social Media App

I thought you might enjoy this sneak peak at what all the dwinQies have been working hard on night and day – it really is the most exciting social media company today. Krishna and the engineering team have enabled something that’s never before been possible, and there is more to come. Look for the formal  app launch after the Presidential Election. In the meantime, let’s just keep this between you and me – but feel free to drop Krishna a note and tell him what a stud he is!  It’s a great time to be social by design.

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