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The 2012 Olympics Gold Medial Social Media Marketing Champion

The most exciting social media activation in London is the big Olympic activation with Cadbury – a division of Kraft Foods.  Everyone from the CEO of Kraft to Boris Becker have agreed it’s a world championship performance. Cadbury and its marketing partner Pretty Green have spent the past two years developing a “magical interactive experience” for guests in Hyde Park during the full two weeks of the Olympic Games in London, they picked the dwinQ social media platform to ampify it across the globe.

Olympics Social Media Marketing Program

RFID enabled Automatic Facebook Check-in using dwinQ’s platform

dwinQ provided social media connectivity to the experience for guests enabling automatic posts to Facebook. It is a huge hit. In the fist two full days alone over 5,000 guests came through and connected automatically through Facebook. Those social media participants generated tens of thousands of Facebook posts which were seen hundreds of thousands of times online by their friends. It is the ultimate Facebook marketing – product placement on the Newsfeed.

The strong social media amplification has continued steadily throughout the first week. It’s amazing what adding a social media marketing component to a well-planned and executed real world event or venue can do – literally extend the marekting message and reach gloabally through many small groups of influencers. While thousands of people will get to experience the Cadbury House venue in person, literally millions of people will get to share Cadbury’s innovation through their social networks on Facebook.

Cadbury is as happy as the guests are; when the press were interviewing a Cadbury executive about the dwinQ solution she commented, “The system has been working brilliantly and has been even more popular with visitors than we had hoped.” (RFID Journal). She added, “Many have also been surprised about how easy it is to use the technology.” The ease of use comes from dwinQ’s seamless integration of Facebook and RFID.

dwinQ’s platform for social media at live events and venues is a winning solution for global brands that want to provide a fun, social way for guests to capture and share memories.  It also creates additional guest engagement and facilitates social posts that are voluntarily linked to company brand logos and messaging. dwinQ’s performance is a true world champion in the marketing Olympics!


To find out how you can change your next event from something just the guest enjoy to a global event on Facebook or Twitter – check out dwinQ’s whitepaper on bring social media marketing to the real world.


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