Own the inner circle and you will control social media marketing

Staying in control of social media marketing is simple, but it is not easy. Every type of social media marketing is new. People have only been using social media as a marketing tool for the last 18-24 months. I often say “Nobody gets fired for buying Google Adwords” but social media is another kettle of fish. It’s scary, uncharted waters. The flip side is that there is no better way to become your company’s fastest rising star, than social media marketing.

Social media is all about the inner circle. Seth Godin, one of the most prolific digital marketing experts refers to four circles – the outer circle of traditional marketing “yelling about your product” whether people are listening or not. The first inner circle which is creating brand advocates who love your product and the most overlooked inner-most circle of actually changing how people think of your product. And the kernel, as I call it, is the product itself. If you use your customers (and word of mouth marketing or social media marketing) to tell the story for you, you will have the most powerful marketing success of all. Learn to leverage the inner circles and you will be in control of your own destiny, budget and future.

The best way to control the inner circles is to capture people at the height of engagement and enjoyment – this is usually a time when most people are having too much fun to talk about “a product”. This is why an automated social media program can be so powerful.

Think about the last time you bought a new car. You drove off the lot feeling like a million bucks, you drove by your favorite places in hopes of being seen, you sped down a windy road to see what she could do, you may have even drove to your parents or best friend’s to show off. Imagine if a person’s entire social graph could share that moment. That’s not selling or marketing – that’s sharing an emotion.

Capturing a photo and some unique text at that precise moment is worth thousands of pages in a glossy magazine because one trusted person is happily engaged with your product. Amplify that emotion with your brand across Facebook and you are telling a story of your product changing someone’s life; if only for a moment.

I took my kids to Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire last weekend and my youngest son rode his first roller-coaster. He was thrilled, we all had fun. It would have been a perfect time to amplify that moment – but that brief moment was lost forever because they did offer a way to grab that memory and share it. Fun, social memories are what we try to capture every day at dwinQ.

If you can grab that emotion, associate your brand with it and tell a story –you are on your way to becoming a marketing legend and you will stay in control of your future and your marketing program for a long time. Do what everyone else does, buy Google ad words and put up a fancy booth at a trade show and you won’t get fired. You won’t get noticed either.

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