Master Facebook Value-Based Marketing by leveraging engagement and mobile

Facebook’s Conundrum:  Engagement vs. Volume

There’s a challenging dichotomy within social media–specifically Facebook marketing – peak usage versus peak engagement.

When is Facebook most heavily used?  Wednesday at 15.00h EDT. This makes a ton of sense when you realize that people have the most fun over the weekend, and maybe take some pictures but are having too much fun to waste time uploading pictures (with a slow connection), put a caption on the photo and make comments. Posting in real time  has an inverse relationship with the level of excitement at events. So what happens? Think about your most fun event over a weekend. You get to work Monday morning with a bunch of stuff to clear off your plate, and work takes precedence. Monday and Tuesday are full of work. Wednesday rolls around and you get a little time on your hands. So you log onto Facebook upload those photos, tags your friends and other people and create entertaining captions. Some of the photos are engagement worthy, and some are posted for your own benefit. But you can spend hours at work on Facebook.

Facebook Peak Usage

HIghest usage – very different from highest engagement.

It makes perfect sense that the largest usage by volume is Wednesday midday.

Facebook Off-hours – those weekend social media activities

Vitrue found that mobile users are much more active on Friday and Saturday nights, when really cool content comes up on their mobile Facebook platform. They’re more likely to dash out a quick comment or give a fast

Facebook mobile usage


Mobile usage – comments and Likes. This is very different from peak usage

Like. People are dying to know what their friends are doing in real time.

What does usage and comment timing have to do with Facebook Engagement? Engagement happens in real time – Facebook usage happens continuously in user’s time. dwinQ has found the combination of very high value content, like a tagged photo, taken in real time at an event, and then immediately posted on the users newsfeed or timeline has a huge impact in the level of Facebook engagement. I mentioned in the blog I wrote for CNBC on Facebook marketing, the ability to create newsfeed product placement (NPP) at the height of enjoyment and interaction provides nearly 300% increase in engagement over posts updated later in the week from users by themselves. In addition photos that are posted by users lose the ability to create a brand awareness or product placement.

Facebook Mobile Useage - Engagement

The real engagement happens quickly and on mobile devices in real time

The bottom line is that if you want to create maximum value from your Facebook advertising, you need to frictionlessly capture and update (post) key moments in real-time. Think of this as NPP, newsfeed product placement. If you already have exciting and engaging events a platform like dwinQ is just what you need!

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