Was Wired Magazine right about their future predictions? I dwinQ so!

For many of you who follow me on twitter (@PJSweeney) you know I’m a big fan of Wired magazine. This months issue features Mark Andreesen on the cover and inside has an article called “How to spot the future”. If the editors at Wired new about dwinQ they would have made it the posterchild for the number 1 topic–look for cross-pollinators.

When we started dwinQ in January it was because the company I founded in 2002 was simply the best at RF ID and mobile technology. The smart folks at like Facebook and Vail Resorts came to us trying to make frictionless social media work in the real world.

If you asked me three years ago if I would bet my future on social media, there is no way I would’ve even thought about it. After all, I was the author of RFID for Dummies and the leading RFID engineer certification book on Amazon. That made me a maven in the RFID industry. Why consider to social media?

Clearly, as Wired states it’s no secret that the best ideas, the ones with the most impact and longevity are transferable. An innovation that started during World War II and evolved at MIT with the notion of creating the “Internet of things” unwittingly developed the technology to enable the future. But the future is not an Internet of things.

The future is an Internet of people

cross-pollination technology of social media and RFID

Wired had cross-pollination as the #1 predictor of future technologies

The Internet has all the data and information storage people can handle, in fact it’s got too much information now. Google and Bing are fighting to try and make relevance of searches and it’s just not working.

Luckily, the Internet is being redesigned around people. The re-architecture of the Internet has to include one’s environment and the real world. That’s where cross-pollination and adapting data capture technologies like RFID, NFC, GPS, and other mobile technologies will create an environment that changes the way we fundamentally communicate with each other.

Wired magazine had it right that the cross pollinators will be the future. Every person in the world will be on social media in the next 10 years, and it will happen frictionless partly because of technology that’s been under development since World War II. We just never knew the potential of those  technologies until we applied them someplace where it really mattered.

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