Major Sports Team Revolutionizes Social Media Experience for Fans

The title is my dream Mashable Social Media Headline this summer. I’m a huge baseball fan.

More likely:

dwinQ CEO falls asleep at ballgame and finds himself transported to a BBC social media  documentary.

Despite travelling about 150,000 miles a year, I have season tickets to the Red Sox. Red Sox fans know that the nation’s oldest ballpark, Fenway Park, just celebrated its 100th anniversary last Friday. It was an awesome day, but very frustrating at the same time because fans couldn’t share their experiences on Facebook in real-time. The mobile phone trick to upload photos to Facebook was slow and painful. I couldn’t even check-in for the first three innings because mobile phone coverage was so bad with all those people in one place.

Imagine an ambient social media expereince (provided by dwinQ, of course) that would update your Facebook page frictionlessly in real time. Automated photo booths and roving photographers could post very cool pictures for you in real time. And brands could sponsor the shots!

Here’s what it would look like if the BBC did an expose on social media marketing at a major league baseball stadium (let’s hope MLB makes this happen for fans everywhere!):

If you run any kind of a league or venue you could create an amazing consumer expereince and significant revenue stream by adopting a social media expereince.

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